Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Robert Louis Stevenson)

I.- Character review: 

Prezi presentation

II.- Chapter 1: “Story of the door”.

Link to the book

III.- PPT about RLS philosophically: presentation

IV.- Jekyll and Hyde in the media:

a) Men At Work – Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive

b) Transformation scene of the 1931 movie

c) Hyde & Hare – Cartoon

 d) Dr Jerry & Mr Mouse
Read the novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and choose one of the following options:
  • Throughout the novel we hear reports of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from various eyewitnesses, including the servants in Jekyll’s household. Utterson questions the butler Poole about his master, and we see the fearful anxiety of the servants in the chapter, “The Last Night.” Imagine that you are one of the servants reporting on the events at the house of Dr. Jekyll on the night Poole and Utterson break into his study. Create a dramatic monologue, using phrases and lines from the chapter, but putting in your own fears and anxieties as one of the servants who has been witnessing the strange comings and going of Hyde for some time.
  • Imagine that after the death of Dr. Jekyll and the revelations about the true nature of Mr. Hyde, Utterson and Enfield are taking their Sunday walk and come up to the same door as they did in the opening chapter. What do you think Utterson would say about his dead friend? Create a dialog between these two characters.
  • Create a newspaper article for the day in March 1880 when the news reveals the double identity of Dr. Jekyll. Write the headline, a feature story about the events of his passing, a biographical sketch of Dr. Jekyll, and an obituary. Include several pictures or images to add interest to the story.

Assessment criteria:


  • Language & Vocabulary: 5 pts.
  • Reading comprehension: 5 pts.
  • Creativity: 5 pts.
  • Task fulfilment: 5 pts.
  • Responsibility: 5 pts.
  • TOTAL SCORE: 25 pts.


Wordcount: 700-1000 words – Times New Roman 12.


Deadline: May 31st, 19:00 hrs. sent to


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