Class 3, September 4th: “T.S. Elliot and “The Waste Land” as an iconic modernist poem”

I: Introduction to modernism: 2nd part on ppt link.

II: T.S. Elliot and “The Waste Land”.  Click on the following link:

III.- Activity: Get together in groups of 3 and analyze the poem between lines 350-376. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem alluded by the author in lines 350-358?
  • Who is the “one walking beside you” in line 362, according to the author?
  • What is your interpretation of “the falling towers” in line 373?

IV.: Homework: Continue reading “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf and write a 200-300 word summary of Chapters 11 to 19 of Part N°1 of the novel: “The Window”.

V.- Download the following text and bring it printed for next class: A room of one’s own Virginia Woolf



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